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Participating Universities and Faculty Members

Name: Clint J. Andrews

Title: Professor, Associate Dean for Research

University: Rutgers


Name: Amir H. Behzadan

Title: Clark Construction Endowed Associate Professor

University: Texas A&M University

Name: Chien-fei Chen

Title: Director of Education & Diversity, Research Associate Professor

University: University of Tennessee


Name: Arindam Gan Chowdhury

Title: Professor, Director of Laboratory for Wind Engineering Research

University: Florida International University


Name: Richard Feiock

Title: Professor, Director of the Local Governance Research Lab

University: Florida State University

Name: Tianzheng Hong

Title: Staff Scientist, Principal Investigator, and Deputy Head of the Building Technology Department

University: UC Berkeley

Name: William P. Bahnfleth

Title: Professor

University: Penn State University

Name: Chi Chiu LAM, Angus

Title: Associate Professor and Associate Head of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University: University of Macau

Name: Clayton C. Miller

Title: Assistant Professor. College of Design and Engineering

University: National University of Singapore

Name: Omer T. Karaguzel

Title: Architect, Building Scientist, & Assistant Professor

University: Carnegie Mellon University


Name: Carol C. Menassa

Title: Associate Professor

University: University of Michigan


Name: Patrick Phelan

Title: Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

University: Arizona State University


Name: Eric Sauda

Title: Professor, Architect & Director of the Digital Arts Center

University: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Name: William J. Tolone

Title: Associate Dean and Professor

University: University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Name: Wei Yan

Title: Professor, Architect, Principal Investigator & Associate Director of CRS Center

University: Texas A&M University

Name: Raymond R. Issa

Title: Director of M.E. Rinker & Center for Advanced Construction Modeling

University: University of Florida

Name: Takahiko Miyazaki

Title: Professor. Department of Advanced Environmental Science and Engineering

University: Kyushu University

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