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Annual Program Activities

Pre-Visit Virtual Camp (Three months)

During the first three months of the programs students will get to know their peers and mentors, as well as go through the initial virtual leadership training. A second training will also take place on built environment sustainability, this will help students collaborate and develop a research plans with their peers.

The activities during these three months are listed:

  1. Students will create an introductory video.

  2. Students will review a video about the year I program and finish review questions.

  3. Students will complete the leadership training and a battery of psychological assessment.

  4. Students will meet regularly online with their overseas peers, develop their research proposal, and at the end of the camp submit their research proposal and a multimedia presentation about their research and professional development plan.

  5. Students will create and maintain social media sites sharing their experience with general audience.


Visit to an Overseas Site (4 weeks)


US Students will travel to an overseas site for 4 weeks to collaborate with peers and conduct research. Throughout the cultural immersion students will learn and practice leadership skills in a multi-cultural setting.


Some of the activities you should expect during these 4 weeks are listed:

  1. Students participate in a one-week innovation lab. The lab consists of a series of intensive workshops covering leadership and professional development, built environment sustainability, and research development.

  2. Students work with overseas peers and mentors to develop their research, including data collection, analysis, and presentation of results.

  3. Students will visit at least one culture site per week.

  4. Students will visit at least two local companies or university labs to satisfy their leadership development and research plans.

  5. Students will report their progress weekly, including share their experiences using social media.


Post-Visit (Two Months)


After the visit, students will finish their research project, share their experience with others, and travel to present their research findings to the committee.


The activities in the last two months are outlined below:

  1. Students will finalize their research project with their overseas peers and mentors.

  2. Students will reflect on and summarize their leadership development progress.

  3. Students will attend the annual event where they will present their research (poster or paper presentation), called “sustainability tank”.

  4. Students are required to share their entire experience through social media.

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