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Sustainability Tank 

Overview and Challenge Description

Sustainability tank is an opportunity for student participants within the National Science Foundation Center of Excellence in Built Environment Sustainability to develop and present research-based building sustainability solutions. Presentations will be presented to an array of judges comprised of industry, academic, and government officials that will evaluate and determine the winning project.

Presentation Structure

Presentations should last between 5 and 8 minutes and structured to provide clear, concise, and captivating information to drawn in partnerships for your proposed project. Visualizations aid in the effectiveness of capturing your audiences attention and can increase understanding of presented problems and/or solutions. Having a diverse audience present during the proposals will allow for various evaluations of individual projects and offer the opportunity for constructive feedback to each presenter. 

Project and Presentation Development

Projects and presentations should be tailored toward the diverse audience and communicate information in an effective manner. A useful communication and development tool in organizing scientific information is the message box. The message box allows the author to tailor their work towards specific audiences, aiding in effective communication and increasing audience understanding. Outlining specific problems that need to be addressed then allow the author/presenter to convey why the information is important, which in turn highlights the importance of the presented solutions and how they may benefit the targeted audience.

Student Presentations 

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