Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a US Passport and/or Visa to travel to Hong Kong/Macau?

Yes, you are required to have a US passport for international travel. Your passport must be valid for one month beyond the date of your intended stay. US citizens are not required to have a Visa to visit Hong Kong for stays under 90 days. US citizens are not required to have a Visa to visit Macau for stays under 30 days.

Do I need to get Vaccination/Immunization for visiting Hong Kong/Macau?

All travelers should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to Hong Kong. The CDC recommends travelers to get Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid, because you can get them through contaminated food or water in Hong Kong. We recommend you speak to your health care provider about immunizations prior to traveling to Hong Kong.

Do I need Health Insurance?

Yes, we recommend inquiring to see if your insurance covers you while traveling out of the country and/or if your University offers international travel insurance for students. If not, here are some links to affordable travel insurance plans for you to look at. https://www.travelinsurancereview.net/plans/travel-medical/ https://www.imglobal.com/img-insurance-plans

Are all expenses paid for?

Yes, we will provide your airfare, hotel, and a daily allowance for food.

What is the weather like in Hong Kong/Macau, China during June?

Much like South Louisiana, it is Hot and Humid. Also be prepared for rain, as well as the humidity.

Do I need to be fluent in another language to travel to Hong Kong/Macau?

No, you do not need to be fluent in Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese). English is one of the official languages in Hong Kong, therefore official signs and announcements are in both Chinese and English. Chinese and Portuguese are the official language of Macau, but English is another common language.

Students may want to check with their Universities international office for overseas travel:

Some Universities and Colleges may have different requirements for traveling abroad, please be sure to check with your respective University before traveling abroad. Below is a link to LSU’s polices; be sure to navigate this webpage too. https://www.lsu.edu/riskmgt/travel/international-travel-insurance.php

Information on export control related compliance:

Please consult with your faculty advisor about the policy of export control. Below is a link to LSU’s policy: https://www.lsu.edu/research/resources_for_faculty/research_compliance/export_control/ Some countries will not allow you to bring items into a port of entry and/or back to the United States. It is important to check what you are allowed to bring with you and what you can bring back. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/before-you-go/customs-and-import.html

Please be sure to always check the State Department Alert link when traveling abroad:

Since June of 2019, political demonstrations have taken place in Hong Kong and a travel advisory message has been issued for a Level 2: Exercise increased caution if traveling to Hong Kong. Please check for updates at the provided link. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/HongKong.html

According to the state department, Macau travel advisory is at a Level 1: Exercise normal precautions. When traveling abroad be sure to check periodically for updates at the provided link.